Sales Distribution Technology
Mobile Sales to simplify visiting, receiving and sending orders to costumers

Automation platform that can be used in any mobile devices to help your field sales agent run more efficient when doing they daily tasks.
Sales Journey in Digital Era

Best approach to grow your sales and enhance customers relationship

Get more hot deals with well documented database


Monitor the sales track easily with full visibility and control of your schedule

realtime track

Real time track of product to eliminate inaccuracy inventory balances

customer happy

Swiftly process to lead a happy customers


Stay organized and get more deals with Ka-Kool App
Grow an unlimited database of contacts and organizations

- See a visual of all your calls, emails and activities with any particular contact
- Easily enhance your customer retention with scheduling visit and on the spot/direct visit to manage costumer relationship effectively
- Seamlessly integrated with Google Maps to find out the location of sales meetings with customers
Needs that can be used when interacting

- Manage a simple document sales quotes that states a price for goods and services and include detailed item-by-item breakdowns
- Make it easy for your team to manage customer relationships to increase sales
- Get to know product availability, quantity to keep informed
Run quickly and easily without obstacles

- Create sales orders through mobile phone and swiftly process them
- Monitor the track of order information relevant to the terms and availability of the seller's item itself
- Provide invoices and maintain a summary of all business transactions

Sales Distribution Technology

See how Ka-kool helps you manage appointment and boost more sales