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Webinar: Manufacturing and Distribution 4.0

Just how important is manufacturing and distribution in today’s era and how actually covid19 pandemic changes the work flow for both of industries? Find out on how manufacturing and distribution system could be highly dynamic and competitive on this day to boost  performance and efficiency in areas that are essential to manufacturing and distribution organization

Our guest speakers are Ms. Vony Tjiu Director Small, Medium and Corporate Microsoft Indonesia and Mr. Ditok Andri Wicaksono as CSO from Kano Teknologi Utama and Customer Stories by Mr. Jahangir Alam ACMA Head of Finance Longhi Group International

In the session, we will discuss about what microsoft offers to manufacturing and distribution to innovate and empower the industry from end-to end by putting power in the hands of everyday users. As well as discussing about Best Formula on How To Leverage Technology To Increase Productivity on Manufacturing and Distribution Industry . At the third session, we share customer success story with relevant and required theme to provide evidence of how the products and services have been used by real clients. Hopefully this webinar gives you new insights to be applied for your daily work


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