Odoo Manufacturing Apps
All you need in a single software
Fully integrated with other Odoo Apps
Maintenance + PLM + Quality
Manufacturing Reinvented
A modern solution to an old problem
No more time clocking
Accurate planning directly based on real manufacturing times measures.
MRP, Quality, Maintenance, and PLM fully integrated.
Real-time Communication
Display worksheets, quality alerts to workers during operations.
Shop floor automation
Capture data in real-time from your equipment using the API.
Optimize your inventory level
Use make-to-order rules, minimum stock rules or the master production schedule to automate procurements. Let the scheduler compute everything for you. Use routes, constraints and lead time to optimize inventory level and avoid shortages.
Whether you use lots, serial numbers or unidentified products, you can use barcodes to speed up operations at every step:
  • Reception control
  • Picking
  • Packing
  • Work orders …and more!.
Integrated Document Management
Manage engineering changes
Managing engineering changes efficiently is all about communication. Odoo PLM harnesses the power of an enterprise social network to help you communicate more efficiently across multiple departments. Everyone follows only what they need, approvals are simple, and discussions on documents are centralized and in real-time.
Smart versioning
Forget about syncing EBoM and MBoM. Odoo aligns every department on the same documents so you can track changes efficiently across multiple versions.
Stop losing receipts. Upload all receipts directly into the expense record.
Focus on selling
great services
Save time on routine tasks and focus on growing revenue